I’ve been so down in the dumps this week! It’s been hard to pull myself out of a gloomy slump and find the time to do anything but schoolschoolschool. (But a pumpkin-spice latte and a cool-weather day help immensely.)

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Have a good (and long) weekend everybody! I’m excited to spend a few days with my sister and my nephews, looks like it’ll be a fun (and hoooot) weekend!

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I came across a wonderfully designed website today called Grain & Gram that exhibits a few different talented men and their craft – whether it be butchering, metal-work, or making jeans! Here is a woodworking designer who has built some beautiful furniture and even designed this bar and stationary shop!

Wouldn’t you love to see these houses?

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I love this picture:

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100 years of East London style in 100 seconds: Created to promote the grand opening of the Westfield Statford City, London’s largest shopping center!

A list of 12 (great) tracks that could be in a Wes Anderson film, HERE.

I love this couch.

Thank goodness the weekend is here! I’m hoping to relax a bit and spend some quality time with my man. Have a great weekend, and meanwhile, check out some cool posts I’ve found around the web:

I’ve wanted one of these jackets forever.

Looking for this Seth Rogan + Michelle Williams flick.

You need this iPhone case. (And some SNL humor on the side.)

I’m so guilty of this. And so are you!

Go to this website. Become an instant graphic designer.

(Bon Iver + James Blake) “Listen to their gorgeous brainchild.”

This website would drive my retail-working husband mad. (Something else I’m guilty of. When no one is looking.)

This necklace is perfect!

I just ordered this catalog.

Now this is a party I would love to attend.

Cute vintage railroad museum engagement pics!

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I apologize for being MIA this week, all my time, energy, and sheer enjoyment of life has been sucked up by a black hole of school. I’m excited for a weekend off, lots of house projects planned, so stay tuned for some final products!

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Excited for a date night this weekend with the husband! (It’s been TWO months already?!)

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Welcome back to school people!

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Maybe for New Years?

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I’m running a half-marathon in two months! And I’m only posting about it to gain some kind of phantom cyber-accountability that will keep me on track (pun intended) when Project Runway reruns and ice-cream sandwiches are repeatedly calling my name.

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Adios LA is a visual goodbye to the city Jon Jackson has called home for years as the artist heads east making New York his new home. Not wanting to string LA along, he has decided to firmly break it off through a graphic billboard series posted on the famous streets of his first love.”

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“There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.”

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So I missed Music Monday again, but I’m making up for it with TWO bands that have been making headlines in past weeks, a must listen:

1. Blitzen Trapper – Furr. Download their latest song, “Love the Way You Walk Away”  if you love a Tom Petty + banjo kind of folk-rock.


2. The Sheepdogs – I Don’t Know. These guys won Rolling Stone’s “Choose the Cover” competition and make up the first unsigned band to ever appear on the cover! I love the  old-school, CCR kind of  rock and roll revival.