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I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! Unfortunately, I locked myself up for the night to do some studying. But I got my fix of cuties in costumes on the web! (P.S. the two fierce-looking guys in the first picture are my nephews : )

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Pinned ImageThis last one cracks me up, reminds me of this!

Cute Costume :)

(pics found on pinterest)


One week and two days until the big race, ahh!! Honestly, I just hope the weather gets a little cooler here so I can run with a hoodie over my head and look like all those badass runners in the movies.

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(pic via marathonsweetheart)

Have a good (and long) weekend everybody! I’m excited to spend a few days with my sister and my nephews, looks like it’ll be a fun (and hoooot) weekend!

(photo via pinterest)

Thank goodness the weekend is here! I’m hoping to relax a bit and spend some quality time with my man. Have a great weekend, and meanwhile, check out some cool posts I’ve found around the web:

I’ve wanted one of these jackets forever.

Looking for this Seth Rogan + Michelle Williams flick.

You need this iPhone case. (And some SNL humor on the side.)

I’m so guilty of this. And so are you!

Go to this website. Become an instant graphic designer.

(Bon Iver + James Blake) “Listen to their gorgeous brainchild.”

This website would drive my retail-working husband mad. (Something else I’m guilty of. When no one is looking.)

This necklace is perfect!

I just ordered this catalog.

Now this is a party I would love to attend.

Cute vintage railroad museum engagement pics!

(pic via middlechildcomplex)

I apologize for being MIA this week, all my time, energy, and sheer enjoyment of life has been sucked up by a black hole of school. I’m excited for a weekend off, lots of house projects planned, so stay tuned for some final products!

(pic via Zusties)

Excited for a date night this weekend with the husband! (It’s been TWO months already?!)

(pic via vi.sualize)

SO excited to hear news this morning that a wonderful friend of mine made last-minute plans to come for the wedding.. all the way from the UK! Have a safe trip, Debbie!

And in other exciting news, I can’t wait to spend the weekend away for my bachelorette party, with so many ladies that I love! And they’ve traveled from all over… Sydney, Tennessee, Arizona, and of course, New Mexico!

I, literally, could not have asked for better friends in the ENTIRE world!

Happy Weekend everyone! So far, April has been a great month for me, and I hope the weather stays beautiful! Here are a few things I came across this week:

I’ve worn my hair like this every day this week. It’s amazing what a little band can do!

I have a small collection of suitcases and would love to make this!

I love seeing movies that were first a book. And then reading the book. Or visa versa. Here are 10 Movies That Were Better Than the Book.

This napkin may save someone life someday(s)!

Oh my goodness these look wonderful..

My shopping buddy.

Take a look at this gorgeous magazine out of Australia. I used to check it out at the library when I studied there!

(you can purchase the gorgeous photo here!)

Happy weekend everyone! (Am I the only one who considers Saturday a holiday even though it comes every week??) I hope it’s relaxing and unbusy.. Enjoy some sweet videos I’ve seen around the web lately!

An ad agency plans an 8 year old birthday party. This is really great.


Is anyone really this good-natured? (Watch on YouTube. So sorry)


Now, this isn’t necessarily a video, but for anyone who doesn’t know how to boil an egg (hey, it can be tricky!) here’s the site for you:


CUTE wedding video of photographer Max Wanger and his bride, Margaux.


This girl know what she wants..


Next in line on my Netflix queue


For those of you that may have missed it (I think the end is the best!)

(photo via jesse vuona)

The wedding planning is well underway! After a lot of mind-changing (and downright indecisiveness on my part) we’ve set in stone some of the details of the wedding, and we’ve vowed to make it simple, fun for everyone we love, and truly focused on what’s important – and that’s the marriage! With that being said, I’m slowing thinking up some details, and here’s a few things that have caught my eye:

We’ll be doing a late-night dessert session (and we’ll have an excellent cake too)…

These diy candle holders are so lovely and easy to make!

I’m looking for old mirrors and frames to decorate some walls… any ideas?

Do you think I could get a bridesmaid to wear this? It’s gorgeous!

We’ll have a very neutral turquoise as an accent color… Maybe I’ll look into these earrings!

I’m also looking at getting some old doors as the backdrop for the ceremony.

And you can’t forget the lighting!

It’ll be beautiful. I can’t wait!

(all pictures via pinterest)

I’m home, I’m home, and it’s so good to be back! I have lots of relaxing (and working) to do before I spend Christmas with my family.

Things to do, things to do…

To start it off the weekend I think the fiance and I will see this Woody Allen movie at an old theater here in town.

With so much traveling and sitting-time, I am very much into this book and cannot wait to finish so I can start another!

I think I’ll start off tomorrow by fixing up my yard for this (hopeful) Christmas present from my fiance.

Lots of furniture/house projects this weekend. Do you think I can learn how to dry brush paint and turn a rickety old table into something like this?

WEDDING PLANNING. And lots of it. Pictures of this wedding backdrop really excited me today.

I think I’ll try and make something like this for the old man that lives next door to me. Sorry if we’re sometimes loud, mister.

Lots to do.. but the Christmas shopping is DONE! Austin done me good.

(Photo via unruly things)


I know that many people across the states have already seen snow, but the southwest has just chilled out for fall. This weekend I’m hoping that I can convince my fiance to ride bikes with me to a pecan orchard that is just finally changing its colors..

Meanwhile, here’s some cool posts around the web:

My new favorite song by Matt and Kim.

Amelie vs Carrie.

A monster in London?

Cute green bag.

I think I could live in this beautiful bedroom.

I love this movie poster.

If you can get up early enough, you can see this unknown gem in New York City. (I wish I had seen this when I was there!)