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The Great Gatsby is coming for Christmas, 2012! I’ll be excited to see the 1920’s costumes and Tiffany jewelry and Daisy played by Carey Mulligan. (But did they go for the obvious in choosing a Gatsby?)

(pic via English Muse)

This would be my imaginary outfit to a pale ale beer tasting too…

I’m in love with these Jason Munn posters:

Flight of the Conchords 2010 concert poster by Jason MunnBon Iver concert poster by The Small Stakes (SOLD OUT)  Monsters of Folk concert poster by Jason MunnShe & Him 2010 concert poster by Jason Munn

I came across a wonderfully designed website today called Grain & Gram that exhibits a few different talented men and their craft – whether it be butchering, metal-work, or making jeans! Here is a woodworking designer who has built some beautiful furniture and even designed this bar and stationary shop!

I am a huge fan of the Stroke’s debut album Is This It, released TEN years ago (and prefer to listen to it above everything else that came after…) In honor of it’s 10th Anniversary, Stereogum got together some indie bands to cover each track and compile a tribute album. I agree with the author that says, “In a strange way, Is This It sounded like something entirely new and entirely familiar at the same time.” Listen to the whole album HERE and my favorite here.

In other news, here’s a few tracks that I’ve been digging this week:


I love the rugged/homey feel of these clothes from  Scotch and Soda. And also, these are my future children.

I thought I would have a post on what’s been on my mind lately, design! I’ve been reading design blogs and  listening to a lot of Ted Talks in my spare time and have been inspired by the direction design is going (both forward and backward, mind you). Here are just a few things I came across today..

My husband and I visited the Modern Museum of Art while on our honeymoon in San Fransisco (we saw lots of Picasso!) But unfortunately, I had just missed an exhibit featuring one of my favorite designers, German Dieter Rams. Think he influenced America’s favorite billion-dollar business much?

New “Forever” stamps to honor 12 pioneers of American Industrial Design. On sale here!

The reason why, even if I can’t ever afford it, I will always walk into an Anthropologie. (These are phone books, people!)

Not your usual pull-out couch

I know you’ve seen this before. But not like this.

This camera will make everyone a Photographer. Try out its magic here!

A giant Lite-Bright:

Anybody who eats cereal should have this bowl. And that means everyone.

Gojee is a great-looking website for people who love to cook (or just learning, like me), and are maybe craving something in particular or only have five ingredients in their pantry (also like me).

(via swiss miss)

Today I’d like to wish a happy birthday to my Dad, who was born the same year as Mc Donald’s and the Mickey Mouse Club! No matter how hard I try, I will never be as hip as my Dad (professional motocross racer, arm-wrestling champ, racquetball player, sweeping my mom off her feet in a big yellow van??)  Reminds me of this tumblr.. Love you Dad!

I’m obsessed with this song when I’m running..

Happy Fourth of July everyone! I was lucky enough to get the day off, and I hope you were too : ) The husband and I have been working countless hours at making our house more of a “home” (or just pulling down all my flower decals and floral prints to make it more of his home), but we will definitely be making time for family, delicious food, and fireworks (if the forest doesn’t burn down first!)

Here are a few cool things around the web:

I may have to make this cocktail special for the Fourth.

Website Here’s Looking at Hue to match those fireworks!

Just saw the new Transformers movie and am personally reflecting on the Idea of Shia Lebeouf myself..

Good to know that someone else has this same OCD tendency before traveling that I do. (I must have gotten it from my mom!)

If only the Office had been made in the 90’s.

How I like my news.

After a NYC cop pulled over a Dutch tourist for riding a bike while wearing a skirt, these girls came together to retaliate!

How I Met Your Style. Very cool style-inspiration.

Today I’ve officially been married TWO weeks, and it’s been a busy/romantic/wonderful two weeks! The wedding was beautiful, it was everything I had dreamed up, and there is no better way to celebrate such an occasion than to pack a whole room and have fun with all of the people that you love. Thank you to everyone who came and made it a success! Hope to have some wedding pictures posted soon…

The morning after the wedding (after saying goodbye to all of my great friends that had traveled so far) Isaac and I headed to California for our honeymoon and had a blast! We went to San Francisco, traveled down the coast, and spent the last few days at Yosemite National Park. Here’s some of my favorite pictures from the trip (we’ve mastered the self-taken photo by now):

Breakfast under the Golden Gate Bridge

Giants vs. Twins in an awesome ocean-front stadium

Pebble Beach drive-by

Yosemite at sunset.

Some monks.

Tallest waterfall in the US… there was so much water we could hardly stay dry enough to take a picture!

Overall, it was a great trip and so much fun to travel with my best friend! We hit a fork in the road on the way out of California (well, a boxed mattress to be exact) that set us back a bit, but we made it home in one piece and can’t wait to have another adventure!

So my fiance nonchalantly mentioned to me a few days ago that he had completely deleted his facebook profile, and while I respect him for sacrificing such a time-waster, it’s hard to deny that being on the outside of facebook  is like copping out of some weird 21st century cyber culture, right?

Read this list of Facebook Friends You Can Lose and see how you match up. I’m afraid I have traits of all of them!

And here’s a hilarious commercial to go along with it:

So it’s been a hell of a week, and I’m so glad it’s over! I got in tune with my deepest, darkest self while trying to study for exams, so when it was all over, I thought of a few things to instantly cheer me up (like this adorable puppy):

Thrifting. I haven’t been in so long, I’m excited to hit up the stores this weekend! (Looking for an old mirror in particular to experiment with this chalkboard-spraypaint I bought a few weeks back…)

Swimming and sun-tanning! I love these vintage-style bikinis, I’m looking for one to take on my honeymoon. (This one’s from Anthropologie)

The library. So I can go and check out books that have absolutely nothing to do with what I’m studying in school and finally relax on a Sunday afternoon.

Birthdays. Some of my favorite people have birthdays in May, and if were with them, I might make them these cake batter pancakes (yumm).

Summer. Because the time has finally come to wear shorts and be married : )

(pics via pinterest)

I was going to post some fun, time-wasting websites for those of you who are studying for final exams this week (like me), but then.. I found myself getting way too distracted! I’m sure you can find plenty of ways to distract yourselves… so procrastinate on, and good luck!

(Painting “Distractions” at the Paris Exhibitions)

It’s been a long week. School is winding (but definitely not slowing) down for the semester, and I’ve neglected all unnecessary hobbies this week. Sorry for not posting in ages, I have no excuse.

Or maybe I do? (Have a listen!)

It is so cold out there today! Stay warm everyone!

(Photo via Le Love)