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I turned 22 yesterday and was so reminded of how blessed I am by my friends and family! Thank you to everyone who made the day special, and especially my husband, who from morning to night treated me like a princess!

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Welcome back to school people!

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I stayed up until wee hours of the morning putting my guestroom together, and noticed that I have about 4 or 5 vintage hard-case suitcases (I love to collect them from thrift stores). I even used a few in my wedding, one for holding programs and the other as a photo booth prop! However, I’m not quite sure what to do with them now… Here are a few cute ideas that I’ve seen and might try a few!

(By the way, here’s what the Sacramento Airport has done with their suitcases!)

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Is everyone seeing Harry Potter tonight?

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Today I’d like to wish a happy birthday to my Dad, who was born the same year as Mc Donald’s and the Mickey Mouse Club! No matter how hard I try, I will never be as hip as my Dad (professional motocross racer, arm-wrestling champ, racquetball player, sweeping my mom off her feet in a big yellow van??) ¬†Reminds me of this tumblr.. Love you Dad!

Audrey Hepburn + Grace Kelley

Paul Rudd + Paul McCartney

Paul Rudd and Paul McCartney

Andy Warhol + Alfred Hitchcock

Nancy Reagan + Mr. T

Salvador Dali + Coco Chanel

Will Ferrell + Bear Grylls

Bob Dylan + Allen Ginsberg

Bob Dylan & Allen Ginsberg

Mark Twain + Nikola Tesla

Mark Twain & Nikola Tesla

Warren Buffet + Bill Gates + Ludacris

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Ludacris.

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Congratulations to Kate and William! (I have to admit, I did wake up just a few minutes early to catch the highlights on Good Morning America.) It was so fun to see what people were wearing!  I wonder how nervous they must have been to get married in front of BILLIONS of people, I get butterflies just thinking about our small crowd. And check out how excited the flower girl is on the left!

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Hey Everyone! Hope Monday wasn’t so bad.. mine went a-ok for once. I made an executive decision today as I was hauling myself out of bed early enough to get to class this morning and that is: I will leave my nice (and new) car in the garage this entire week and commute by bike. I’m really excited, I’ve assessed the situation and came up with these results:

  • I’ll have to wake up a little earlier every morning just to be on time.
  • I’ll have to be ok looking like a turtle with my books, gym clothes, and lunch strapped to my back.
  • I’ll have to wear a helmet and cover my lovely hair (see previous post).
  • I’ll have to stick to school and work and all the places in between or else I’m in for a world of hurt.
  • I’ll have to cook and make due with the food in my house because 1) no “ride-throughs” 2) getting in and out of Walmart is scary enough in my car.
  • I hope the wind is never strong enough to knock me over.
  • It’ll be worth it because my legs will feel great by the time I get home..
  • It’ll be worth is because I’ll save a week’s worth of gas!

So wish me luck and tune in to see how the week goes!

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Has everyone already seen this??

My heart definitely lies with furniture restoration. This is a great looking project here (and such a lucky find!)

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I’m just so excited for the holidays! I did a little bit of decorating this weekend, even set up a little tree! (Pictures to follow) But I love this DIY chandelier for hanging ornaments (and I wish I knew how to make those lights!)

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