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This was me, and shortly afterwards bursting into tears because the DMV really knows how to break down a person!


I’ve been so down in the dumps this week! It’s been hard to pull myself out of a gloomy slump and find the time to do anything but schoolschoolschool. (But a pumpkin-spice latte and a cool-weather day help immensely.)

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Saturdays used to be my favorite day of the week (next to Sundays) but since my husband has to work all day, Moses and I usually get lonely without him! Today though, I was lucky enough to score some coffee and farmer’s market shopping with friends : )


So I just joined the world phenomenon that is angry birds (seriously, it’s replaced any potential moment for boredom). But the game reminds me of a run-in I had riding my bike home from work… I was literally almost knocked over from the impact of something large being launched into my face! I turned around to see if some angry motorist had thrown something at me from their window, but noticed this large bird, just flailing around trying to regain composure. I think I was the angrier bird that day.



It’s 100 degrees outside. And Isaac is house-sitting for some retired folks who have an oasis of a pool in their backyard. Perfect.



Dinner tonight with friends..

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I love this family portrait.

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Oh blog… I’ve know you’ve been neglected, but instead of having you collect cobwebs during these next frantic weeks, I’ll compromise a little. Posts may be simple, short, hardly anything at all, but at least they’re there. Stay tuned.

Today was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. I’m going to make some tea and start over again tomorrow.

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I’ve been in the library all week long. And not the fun kind either. Is anyone else feeling crunch time? Be back tomorrow.

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So, it’s the end of the week and my bike is successfully tucked away, into the back of my car. It was a tougher week than expected, but it was definitely worthwhile! Here are some lessons I learned:

  • You don’t actually have to wake up any earlier to ride your bike. You just have to pedal faster!
  • I mastered the art of carrying my bike up and down the small stretch of desert in between me and the road, and I choose to believe that all the rustling in the bushes was bunnies and not snakes.
  • Always park your bike next to the bike on the rack that’s nicer than yours.
  • Don’t put extra weight and tension on your back; just eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner before you leave the house and wear your gym clothes everyday!
  • If the wind blows hard enough, it will knock you over.
  • You just have to ask for a lift if you’re stranded at night. Or you forget having a social life after dark and stay home.
  • Even a new bike can break! Hence, after 5 days of successful (and sometimes stressful) riding, I decided to pack up the bike and have it looked at this week.
  • I love my new car. And the fact that I can have a weather-free commute across town while listening to my iPod. Bliss.
  • The last lesson I learned, I know nothing about bikes. Maybe I should have watched this something helpful:

Sick today. Mustering up the energy to survive the end of the week!

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Coming to the end of a short-lived spring break and taking an early weekend. To be honest, I have about four drafts of blogs that I’ve concocted throughout the week, but they were all so mean and full of complaints, I decided not to post them. I still don’t know how a bike can possibly “break down,” and I now know why a cheating used car salesman is short for scum of the earth, but everything else aside, I have too much to be thankful for. So have a lovely weekend everyone, I promise to be more behaved and better inspired  next week.

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Mondays are unlovely enough and this is about what New Mexico looked liked today. It’s a shame we can’t see the spring sun that’s probably shining..

Clearing all the dust in my head with some studying and a nice soundtrack.

It’s been a long week and it’s only (almost) Wednesday. Moses actually ate my homework this week, among other things, and I’m up late tonight hoping that tomorrow will be a snow day and I can sleep in and not go to class (maybe when hell freezes over, literally). Some things that I thought over the weekend and am just now posting:

Does anyone else feel like they belong in the Bermuda Triangle of Productivity permanently?

I had a regular peanut butter and jelly sandwich today, when I could have had one of these.

I started watching this and am now addicted to the era. I might even throw a party, I don’t care how white it is!

Someone’s making light of the snowstorms around the country… (will New Mexico get snow too??)

This song has been playing in my car every day for weeks.

Even though I have seven of these on my bed, there’s always room for more.

Even though everything seemed to have gone wrong..

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Happy MLK day everyone! I hope it was restful…

I know I’ve been MIA for quite some time, but after a computer problem and then a lovely weekend retreat in northern New Mexico with friends, I’m back to the old routine with school, work, life duties, etc.

BUT.. I did stop in Santa Fe this weekend and (long story short) I bought a wedding dress! It was completely not what I expected, and it had details I swore I would never want, but I guess sometimes two wrongs make a right!

Today I’m introducing my newest and very favorite website, Pinterest. It’s like making your own inspiration board of fashion, design, music, whatever, and sharing it with everyone else on the site. You need to be a member in order to “pin,” (it takes an email and some time) but it’s worth the wait!

Here’s some cool stuff that caught my eye today:

Gorgeous room.

Old fashioned in Grand Central Station.

Is the weekend here yet?

I’ve got to make these apple sandwiches.

Wedding detail love.

Reference to Starbucks “less is more” label!


If it weren’t for the holidays, I think I would hate this time of year. I definitely belong in warm weather, although I guess I shouldn’t complain. It’s an annoying 70 degrees in New Mexico today and instead of snow, it looks like the dust bowl is blowing through. Anyways, all complaints aside, here are a few things that I do enjoy this time of year:

*Time for movies, books, books, movies, magazines…

*Seeing old and new friends from all over the country

*Sleeping in late due to those nights out with old friends : )

*Home-made Tamales!

*Cardigan sweaters (because it’s barely cold enough for Fall)

*Listening to A Charlie Brown Christmas 42 times

*An empty office at work to do as I please!

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