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I got to see the Avett Brothers play last night in El Paso, and it was by far, one of the best shows I’ve ever been to! The guys are extremely talented and put so much heart and soul into their music and lyrics. Here’s a groovy song they played for the encore at the show last night..

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(print for purchase on etsy!)


Listen to the tunes Pretty Much Amazing has already picked out for 2011.


Listen to Ryan Adam’s new album, Ashes and Fire, here on NPR! (I think it’s great, he’s definitely bring back those country slides and soulful blues.)

I can’t wait for this movie! (And maybe even more so, the soundtrack)

Newest Coldplay, Paradise. Can’t help but love ’em. (Read article here.)

(P.S.  Looks like Chris Martin doesn’t like his wife’s cheesy dinner parties either…)

A list of 12 (great) tracks that could be in a Wes Anderson film, HERE.

So I missed Music Monday again, but I’m making up for it with TWO bands that have been making headlines in past weeks, a must listen:

1. Blitzen Trapper – Furr. Download their latest song, “Love the Way You Walk Away”  if you love a Tom Petty + banjo kind of folk-rock.


2. The Sheepdogs – I Don’t Know. These guys won Rolling Stone’s “Choose the Cover” competition and make up the first unsigned band to ever appear on the cover! I love the  old-school, CCR kind of  rock and roll revival.


I went to post today and I forgot that I totally missed Monday! So here’s two videos that will satisfy… Both acoustic, intimate, heartbreaking, wonderful.


(Music Mondays are going to be so fun…) This article lists all the Paul Simon covers done recently by some cool folks like The Morning Benders, The Tallest Man on Earth, and Ezra Koenig. My favorites are “Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard” by Peter Bjorn and John and this one posted here!


This cover didn’t make the list, but it happens to be my favorite: Rogue Wave’s “Everyday,” used in this fun elopement video! (Read about it here.)


I have no problem admitting that I’m crazy for Mumford and Sons along with the rest of the world and am so excited for their new album, I’ve been listening to songs “Home” and “Lover’s Eyes” HERE all day (thanks Rachael!)

And in other news, the Avett Bros. have an Etsy store! You can get a free download if you visit the store HERE.

I think I’ll have music every Monday from now on.. But there’s so many things I’m excited about, we’ll see if I can wait till then!

I keep coming back to these guys, so good!

This is just too great, I couldn’t pass up a chance to feature my favorite artist! This is a collaboration between contemporary menswear designer, John Varvatos and Dave Matthews, who after 20 years of consecutive touring, has decided to take a hiatus in 2011.

Watch the “nonsensical” Monkey on My Back video here:

(via dmb blog)

I have something to confess. I’ve been completely apathetic in my music choices of late. I’ve been lazy and I let the monotony of pop radio and a busy schedule completely saturate my creative juices. Needless to say, I was inspired by last week’s Grammy’s to be better. Mumford and Sons, Bob Dylan, and the Avett Brothers really did my heart a favor and I was soon after reminded why Arcade Fire’s, The Suburbs was the last album I actually went to the store and bought.  I’m happy to report that many of my favorite bands have recently come out with some new work and I’ve found some free downloads for your (and my) listening pleasure:

Tree By the River is the newest single from Iron and Wine’s Kiss Each Other Clean (which came out in January). This is

Down By the Water (not unlike “Tree By the River,” haha), the newest single from the Decemberists’ The King is Dead.

Helplessness Blues is the title track from the Fleet Foxes’ newest album that will be released in May. Folk is alive and well, everyone.

My last shout-out goes to Jonsi, lead singer of Sigur Ros. His solo album Go has been available for a year now and I was recently reminded of his talent by this ad :

And if you need a smile for the rest of the day, watch the video for Animal Arithmetic (you’ll have to connect to YouTube). I never get tired of the confetti!

Hands down, it’s gotta be one of the greatest.

After a long battle with the band and recording company, EMI, the Beatles are finally available on iTunes! But are people having mixed feelings about music that’s timeless and tangible going digital?

Sound familiar? I thought so..

Newest song from Kings of Leon. Have to say it’s good stuff, I’m excited to listen to the whole album. And the video is just sooo endearing..

There’s something about Bon Iver doing Peter Gabriel that just sounds so good..