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I could sleep an entire day away after the week I’ve had…

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I’ve been planning an extravagant vacation in my head all weekend, dreaming up possibilities to see the world! So I’ve been obsessing over the website Airbnb, typing in far away places and looking at the kinds of places I could stay. It’s really an upgraded couch-surfing service, people will post amazing vacation rentals at affordable prices from all over the world (and if you want to go even cheaper, you can rent a private room and meet some local hosts!) And even if you can’t drop everything and head to the other side of the globe, it’s fun to see some cool architecture in far away places.  Here are some of the deals I’ve found today..

This home in Costa Rica can accommodate 5 people for $80/night!

A room in a ridiculously hip loft in San Fransisco, $80/night.

Luminous flat in PARIS! $89/night.

A room in a modern Berlin loft, $68/night.

An apartment with character in London, $103/night.

A house in Budapest, $50/night (Looks like I’m going to Hungary!)

(Don’t you want to go?)


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Maybe for New Years?

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“3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage = a trip of a lifetime.” This is Move (instigating some serious wanderlust), watch Learn and Eat here.


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Cute for my kitchen:

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Happy National Doughnut Day everyone!



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So I can smoke, drink, vote, serve my country and GET MARRIED and I still can’t rent a car until I’m 25? So frustrating, America.

Oscars tomorrow! (I often look forward to this Sunday more than the super bowl) But unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch, my cable is broken, and I don’t think the Oscars are the kind of thing you can watch at a sports bar.. Anyways, happy watching and let me know how it goes!

Ah! So I know I’m horrible at this blogging stuff.. it’s been a long couple of weeks! Anyways, I’m back at it, and starting off this weekend with a list of things I am currently coveting. We’re not even close to Christmas or my birthday, and even Valentine’s Day has passed (and how sweet it was), so I need an outlet to pretend like I’m shopping for beautiful things:

Anybody that knows me remotely well can tell you that I have about 9 shades of this nail polish color, I will splurge to find the right color (and the winner is Essie!) and more than likely, I will wear it each and every day until I grow up.

I am loving every item now available from Anthropologie’s wedding line, BHLD. It’s definitely worth a look and some significant envy. Wedding shoes perhaps?

..And could I have this bed please? (I’m already re-decorating my entire house in my head)

Summer, summer summmmer couldn’t come any sooner.

I’m also itching for a new one of these…


Happy Birthday to my sister! I wish I was home to celebrate with you!

Aren’t these jackets lovely?? It was just what I needed in my closet this morning. (By EmersonMade)

These are things that should be making their way into my closet for the holidays…and others from Madewell.