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I’m doing a little work on the blog today, and I’m not the code-savvy type that can do this stuff easily! Hope to see you on the other side!

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I love this couch.

Adios LA is a visual goodbye to the city Jon Jackson has called home for years as the artist heads east making New York his new home. Not wanting to string LA along, he has decided to firmly break it off through a graphic billboard series posted on the famous streets of his first love.”

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My newest obsession: steel hairpin legs + reclaimed wood. I’ve been dreaming of having a table workspace big enough to spread out all my books and finish my last year of school. I think I’ll go find myself some legs and a piece of wood! (diy project here). I think it would look great paired with these wire-frame baskets for storage.

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An article about the evolution of the design of disposable, plastic coffee cup lids. (Next time you’re driving or even walking around with a scalding hot beverage in your hands,  be thankful for the designer who made it safe!)

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