I’ve been planning an extravagant vacation in my head all weekend, dreaming up possibilities to see the world! So I’ve been obsessing over the website Airbnb, typing in far away places and looking at the kinds of places I could stay. It’s really an upgraded couch-surfing service, people will post amazing vacation rentals at affordable prices from all over the world (and if you want to go even cheaper, you can rent a private room and meet some local hosts!) And even if you can’t drop everything and head to the other side of the globe, it’s fun to see some cool architecture in far away places.  Here are some of the deals I’ve found today..

This home in Costa Rica can accommodate 5 people for $80/night!

A room in a ridiculously hip loft in San Fransisco, $80/night.

Luminous flat in PARIS! $89/night.

A room in a modern Berlin loft, $68/night.

An apartment with character in London, $103/night.

A house in Budapest, $50/night (Looks like I’m going to Hungary!)

(Don’t you want to go?)