Thank goodness the weekend is here! I’m hoping to relax a bit and spend some quality time with my man. Have a great weekend, and meanwhile, check out some cool posts I’ve found around the web:

I’ve wanted one of these jackets forever.

Looking for this Seth Rogan + Michelle Williams flick.

You need this iPhone case. (And some SNL humor on the side.)

I’m so guilty of this. And so are you!

Go to this website. Become an instant graphic designer.

(Bon Iver + James Blake) “Listen to their gorgeous brainchild.”

This website would drive my retail-working husband mad. (Something else I’m guilty of. When no one is looking.)

This necklace is perfect!

I just ordered this catalog.

Now this is a party I would love to attend.

Cute vintage railroad museum engagement pics!

(pic via middlechildcomplex)