I thought I would have a post on what’s been on my mind lately, design! I’ve been reading design blogs and  listening to a lot of Ted Talks in my spare time and have been inspired by the direction design is going (both forward and backward, mind you). Here are just a few things I came across today..

My husband and I visited the Modern Museum of Art while on our honeymoon in San Fransisco (we saw lots of Picasso!) But unfortunately, I had just missed an exhibit featuring one of my favorite designers, German Dieter Rams. Think he influenced America’s favorite billion-dollar business much?

New “Forever” stamps to honor 12 pioneers of American Industrial Design. On sale here!

The reason why, even if I can’t ever afford it, I will always walk into an Anthropologie. (These are phone books, people!)

Not your usual pull-out couch

I know you’ve seen this before. But not like this.

This camera will make everyone a Photographer. Try out its magic here!

A giant Lite-Bright:

Anybody who eats cereal should have this bowl. And that means everyone.