Happy Fourth of July everyone! I was lucky enough to get the day off, and I hope you were too : ) The husband and I have been working countless hours at making our house more of a “home” (or just pulling down all my flower decals and floral prints to make it more of his home), but we will definitely be making time for family, delicious food, and fireworks (if the forest doesn’t burn down first!)

Here are a few cool things around the web:

I may have to make this cocktail special for the Fourth.

Website Here’s Looking at Hue to match those fireworks!

Just saw the new Transformers movie and am personally reflecting on the Idea of Shia Lebeouf myself..

Good to know that someone else has this same OCD tendency before traveling that I do. (I must have gotten it from my mom!)

If only the Office had been made in the 90’s.

How I like my news.

After a NYC cop pulled over a Dutch tourist for riding a bike while wearing a skirt, these girls came together to retaliate!

How I Met Your Style. Very cool style-inspiration.