So, it’s the end of the week and my bike is successfully tucked away, into the back of my car. It was a tougher week than expected, but it was definitely worthwhile! Here are some lessons I learned:

  • You don’t actually have to wake up any earlier to ride your bike. You just have to pedal faster!
  • I mastered the art of carrying my bike up and down the small stretch of desert in between me and the road, and I choose to believe that all the rustling in the bushes was bunnies and not snakes.
  • Always park your bike next to the bike on the rack that’s nicer than yours.
  • Don’t put extra weight and tension on your back; just eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner before you leave the house and wear your gym clothes everyday!
  • If the wind blows hard enough, it will knock you over.
  • You just have to ask for a lift if you’re stranded at night. Or you forget having a social life after dark and stay home.
  • Even a new bike can break! Hence, after 5 days of successful (and sometimes stressful) riding, I decided to pack up the bike and have it looked at this week.
  • I love my new car. And the fact that I can have a weather-free commute across town while listening to my iPod. Bliss.
  • The last lesson I learned, I know nothing about bikes. Maybe I should have watched this something helpful: