Hey Everyone! Hope Monday wasn’t so bad.. mine went a-ok for once. I made an executive decision today as I was hauling myself out of bed early enough to get to class this morning and that is: I will leave my nice (and new) car in the garage this entire week and commute by bike. I’m really excited, I’ve assessed the situation and came up with these results:

  • I’ll have to wake up a little earlier every morning just to be on time.
  • I’ll have to be ok looking like a turtle with my books, gym clothes, and lunch strapped to my back.
  • I’ll have to wear a helmet and cover my lovely hair (see previous post).
  • I’ll have to stick to school and work and all the places in between or else I’m in for a world of hurt.
  • I’ll have to cook and make due with the food in my house because 1) no “ride-throughs” 2) getting in and out of Walmart is scary enough in my car.
  • I hope the wind is never strong enough to knock me over.
  • It’ll be worth it because my legs will feel great by the time I get home..
  • It’ll be worth is because I’ll save a week’s worth of gas!

So wish me luck and tune in to see how the week goes!

(picture via tumblr)