Ah! So I know I’m horrible at this blogging stuff.. it’s been a long couple of weeks! Anyways, I’m back at it, and starting off this weekend with a list of things I am currently coveting. We’re not even close to Christmas or my birthday, and even Valentine’s Day has passed (and how sweet it was), so I need an outlet to pretend like I’m shopping for beautiful things:

Anybody that knows me remotely well can tell you that I have about 9 shades of this nail polish color, I will splurge to find the right color (and the winner is Essie!) and more than likely, I will wear it each and every day until I grow up.

I am loving every item now available from Anthropologie’s wedding line, BHLD. It’s definitely worth a look and some significant envy. Wedding shoes perhaps?

..And could I have this bed please? (I’m already re-decorating my entire house in my head)

Summer, summer summmmer couldn’t come any sooner.

I’m also itching for a new one of these…