I have something to confess. I’ve been completely apathetic in my music choices of late. I’ve been lazy and I let the monotony of pop radio and a busy schedule completely saturate my creative juices. Needless to say, I was inspired by last week’s Grammy’s to be better. Mumford and Sons, Bob Dylan, and the Avett Brothers really did my heart a favor and I was soon after reminded why Arcade Fire’s, The Suburbs was the last album I actually went to the store and bought.  I’m happy to report that many of my favorite bands have recently come out with some new work and I’ve found some free downloads for your (and my) listening pleasure:

Tree By the River is the newest single from Iron and Wine’s Kiss Each Other Clean (which came out in January). This is my.favorite.band.ever.

Down By the Water (not unlike “Tree By the River,” haha), the newest single from the Decemberists’ The King is Dead.

Helplessness Blues is the title track from the Fleet Foxes’ newest album that will be released in May. Folk is alive and well, everyone.

My last shout-out goes to Jonsi, lead singer of Sigur Ros. His solo album Go has been available for a year now and I was recently reminded of his talent by this ad :

And if you need a smile for the rest of the day, watch the video for Animal Arithmetic (you’ll have to connect to YouTube). I never get tired of the confetti!