So.. I’ve been wanting to post a few projects that I’ve done around my new(ish) house, but I’ve been so busy that I’ve had no time (and this has resulted in a backyard that looks like a junkyard!) So these are some pictures of an old, very small, and very ghetto apartment I once had (you’d never guess that we had to run to our car to avoid the creepers outside!)

These are some old window shutters I bought from the Boys and Girls Club thrift store, removed the hardware, and repainted. I still use this as my headboard! (Cost: $12 +paint)

I wish I had a “before” picture of this desk, because it was a mess. But look what some paint and new knobs can do! (Cost: $20 desk, $10 accessories + paint)

Bedroom in total. All furniture from various yard sales and in dire need of some revamping (I just can’t bring myself to reupholster that great yellow chair!)

I made these shelves out of plastic-wood scraps and some hefty wrapping paper. Probably one of my favorite projects so far! (Cost: $1 a piece shelves, $6 wrapping paper, $.25 a piece shelf hardware + paint)

For tea. And cute teacups. (Cost: $3 + paint)

Old coffee table (complete with water stains) and a house number address holder, spray painted. (Cost: $10 table, free hardware, it was my parent’s + paint)

Living room in total. We had a very unruly futon for a couch! I made the pictures on the wall by painting cabinet doors modge-podging some pretty paper to it. The sticks to the right were probably the most expensive things is this room. Pier One. $20.

So there you have it! Hope to upload pictures of my new place soon.