The wedding planning is well underway! After a lot of mind-changing (and downright indecisiveness on my part) we’ve set in stone some of the details of the wedding, and we’ve vowed to make it simple, fun for everyone we love, and truly focused on what’s important – and that’s the marriage! With that being said, I’m slowing thinking up some details, and here’s a few things that have caught my eye:

We’ll be doing a late-night dessert session (and we’ll have an excellent cake too)…

These diy candle holders are so lovely and easy to make!

I’m looking for old mirrors and frames to decorate some walls… any ideas?

Do you think I could get a bridesmaid to wear this? It’s gorgeous!

We’ll have a very neutral turquoise as an accent color… Maybe I’ll look into these earrings!

I’m also looking at getting some old doors as the backdrop for the ceremony.

And you can’t forget the lighting!

It’ll be beautiful. I can’t wait!

(all pictures via pinterest)