I’ve been awful at keeping up with posting, even with extra time on my hands! (And I won’t blame the slow internet or having to share a computer, even though I want to.) But I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! I know I did, made it home just in time to enjoy Christmas Eve. It’s been a busy week though, I had two tasks:

One, to find a wedding dress. (Failed. Where does one look for these?)

Two, to adopt a dog! (My fiance gave me permission to pick out my own Christmas present!) DONE! We picked out a real cutie today and we’ll pick him up tomorrow. SO excited! (Pictures soon)

I think we’ve mostly agreed on a name, but I want to see what you think! Vote on our final choices:

So for now, I’m just enjoying being trapped in my warm house watching the snow! I’ll be home soon.. more posts to come!