I’m home, I’m home, and it’s so good to be back! I have lots of relaxing (and working) to do before I spend Christmas with my family.

Things to do, things to do…

To start it off the weekend I think the fiance and I will see this Woody Allen movie at an old theater here in town.

With so much traveling and sitting-time, I am very much into this book and cannot wait to finish so I can start another!

I think I’ll start off tomorrow by fixing up my yard for this (hopeful) Christmas present from my fiance.

Lots of furniture/house projects this weekend. Do you think I can learn how to dry brush paint and turn a rickety old table into something like this?

WEDDING PLANNING. And lots of it. Pictures of this wedding backdrop really excited me today.

I think I’ll try and make something like this for the old man that lives next door to me. Sorry if we’re sometimes loud, mister.

Lots to do.. but the Christmas shopping is DONE! Austin done me good.

(Photo via unruly things)