A few weeks ago, my Mom and I had the privilege of doing an architectural tour around Albuquerque, NM. We saw everything from an ultra-modern bachelor pad to a mortuary , but my favorite was the Hotel Parq Central. It was built in the 1920’s as a hospital for rail road workers and then later became a public hospital.  It may seem like a creepy idea, and there are plenty of  suspicions and stories from patients who were in the hospital as children, but today, the building has been completely restored as a boutique hotel. I was given a personal tour of the building and even met the architect as and far as I can tell, the designers have done an excellent job making the building bright and beautiful, and definitely a  place that you would want to stay.


There is definitely an ultra-modern feel to the design but you can see vintage accents through the furniture, designed specifically for the hotel by Hickory.

There is even the “Apothecary” lounge that is open to the public for drinks. (Still not too creepy, I promise!) You can’t see them very well from this picture, but my favorite part of this room was the lights above the bar. They are all mismatched pieces of glass, they almost look antique.