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I’m doing a little work on the blog today, and I’m not the code-savvy type that can do this stuff easily! Hope to see you on the other side!

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I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! Unfortunately, I locked myself up for the night to do some studying. But I got my fix of cuties in costumes on the web! (P.S. the two fierce-looking guys in the first picture are my nephews : )

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Pinned ImageThis last one cracks me up, reminds me of this!

Cute Costume :)

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The Great Gatsby is coming for Christmas, 2012! I’ll be excited to see the 1920’s costumes and Tiffany jewelry and Daisy played by Carey Mulligan. (But did they go for the obvious in choosing a Gatsby?)

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This would be my imaginary outfit to a pale ale beer tasting too…

I got to see the Avett Brothers play last night in El Paso, and it was by far, one of the best shows I’ve ever been to! The guys are extremely talented and put so much heart and soul into their music and lyrics. Here’s a groovy song they played for the encore at the show last night..

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(print for purchase on etsy!)

One week and two days until the big race, ahh!! Honestly, I just hope the weather gets a little cooler here so I can run with a hoodie over my head and look like all those badass runners in the movies.

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I turned 22 yesterday and was so reminded of how blessed I am by my friends and family! Thank you to everyone who made the day special, and especially my husband, who from morning to night treated me like a princess!

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Read this hilarious New Yorker article by Mindy Kaling about the seven types of women in romantic comedies. My favorite is the “Ethereal Wierdo”:

She might spin a globe, place her finger on a random spot, and decide to move there. The Ethereal Weirdo appears a lot in movies, but nowhere else. If she were from real life, people would think she was a homeless woman and would cross the street to avoid her. But she is essential to the male fantasy that even if a guy is boring he deserves a woman who will find him fascinating and perk up his dreary life by forcing him to go skinny-dipping in a stranger’s pool.”

Listen to the tunes Pretty Much Amazing has already picked out for 2011.


Today I.will.make.Fall.

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I’m in love with these Jason Munn posters:

Flight of the Conchords 2010 concert poster by Jason MunnBon Iver concert poster by The Small Stakes (SOLD OUT)  Monsters of Folk concert poster by Jason MunnShe & Him 2010 concert poster by Jason Munn

I could sleep an entire day away after the week I’ve had…

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Listen to Ryan Adam’s new album, Ashes and Fire, here on NPR! (I think it’s great, he’s definitely bring back those country slides and soulful blues.)

I can’t wait for this movie! (And maybe even more so, the soundtrack)

Been so busy with things that I’ve forgotten to post! I think I might return to a more tumblr-esque way of blogging…

(P.S.  My dog really can jump this high.)


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This was me, and shortly afterwards bursting into tears because the DMV really knows how to break down a person!

Newest Coldplay, Paradise. Can’t help but love ’em. (Read article here.)

(P.S.  Looks like Chris Martin doesn’t like his wife’s cheesy dinner parties either…)

I’ve been planning an extravagant vacation in my head all weekend, dreaming up possibilities to see the world! So I’ve been obsessing over the website Airbnb, typing in far away places and looking at the kinds of places I could stay. It’s really an upgraded couch-surfing service, people will post amazing vacation rentals at affordable prices from all over the world (and if you want to go even cheaper, you can rent a private room and meet some local hosts!) And even if you can’t drop everything and head to the other side of the globe, it’s fun to see some cool architecture in far away places.  Here are some of the deals I’ve found today..

This home in Costa Rica can accommodate 5 people for $80/night!

A room in a ridiculously hip loft in San Fransisco, $80/night.

Luminous flat in PARIS! $89/night.

A room in a modern Berlin loft, $68/night.

An apartment with character in London, $103/night.

A house in Budapest, $50/night (Looks like I’m going to Hungary!)

(Don’t you want to go?)